przejd do zawartosci

Vyacheslav Molotov in a note addressed to Wac?aw Grzybowski (Polish ambassador in Moscow)

The Polish-German war has revealed the internal bankruptcy of the Polish state. Over ten days of war operations Poland has lost all its industrial regions and cultural centres. Warsaw has ceased to exist as the capital city of Poland. The Polish government has disintegrated and shows no signs of life. This means that in fact the Polish state and its government no longer exist. As a result, the treaties concluded between the USSR and Poland have become invalid. Poland, left to fend for itself and possessing no government, has become a convenient field for launching various activities and surprise attempts that could endanger the USSR. Therefore, the Soviet government, which has been neutral so far, can no longer preserve neutrality in the face of these facts.

The Soviet government also cannot remain indifferent at the time when brothers of the same blood - the Ukrainians and the Byelorussians, residing on the Polish territory have been abandoned to their own fate and left without any protection.

Taking into account this situation the Soviet government has issued orders to the commanders of the Red Army to make its units cross the border and take under their protection the lives and property of the inhabitants of Western Ukraine and Western Byelorussia.

Simultaneously, the Soviet government intends to make every effort to extricate the Polish population from the unfortunate war into which it has been driven by reckless leaders and to give this population a chance to live in peaceful conditions.

Moscow, September 17, 1939

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